Here we go again...

Share what you've done to your v-dub and how you did it.
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Here we go again...

Post by Gerard » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:02 pm

Hey all since its all new and shiney in here i thought id do a wee update whats been happeing in my wee dub world,

Picked up this wee bug a month or so ago as a mot fail and slowly fixing it up, its now motd and back on the road, still got a few issues but tbh im just enjoying driving it, which is quite fun

Ive still got my bay...which ive fell out with since its gear box went about 2yrs ago now

Ive still got my T4 which ive done nothing with but im hoping to get that on the go in the next week or so, and my wee golf 3.5 which also is in a corner waiting for a repair lol, well one vw out of four running isnt bad ;-)

I always have great plans but work and life seems to always get in the way, iii get them all going one day...maybe

Iii try post a photo...fingers crossed...
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